Soffice - a day for those who likes to evolve

by Charlotta Rydholm - 18/08/2016 - 11:00

Soffice is a way of challenging our habits, behaviour and expectations.

The concept Soffice takes place every third week at Charlotta's home. The S stands for Soppa (soup) Soffa (couch) and Samtal (conversations). The idea is that you bring whatever work you had planned for the day. At noon soup is served. 8 people are invited (you get a seat by being a part of the Facebook group and enlist yourself to the Soffice) every time and work between 9 and 15. So far quite similar to the regular work; a workload and a time span.

The difference is those around you. Those new friends of yours, willing to embark on discussions, sharing thoughts, helping out. 

Say you are pitching for a client within the gaming sector. Voila at the Soffice you might just meet a professor in the gaming industry, a coder and a person right in your target group. Would you have meet them at your work?

Soffice is a way of sharing. Of learning, listening and adding your own knowledge to others. It is effective, fun and smart. Start your own Soffice! I will be there for sure.

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