Share knowledge - Bästa Modellen is a way to do it

by Charlotta Rydholm - 20/08/2016 - 14:39

Charlotta, founder of .tobegin has made a book together with three friends. It was released May 26 and is a way of truly sharing knowledge.  

"During the summer, we have learned a lot about how the book is used. The book serves as an effective invitation to lovely conversations about challenges that various businesses are facing: A music college needs to increase the communication standard between members of different bands and have found models for it in the book. A clinic needs to change cohesion between teams and have got ideas for how to do it thanks to the book. The management team of a large company needs to create a clearer way of the change process they face and have used a model to visualize the internal resistance. And so on."

"The book Bästa Modellen seems to encourage openness and reflection on important and urgent issues. That is exactly what we hoped for. We want to simplify development and change, and we see that Bästa Modellen hits just right in its ambition to inspire and find ways forward."  

The book can be ordered from Adlibris, Bokus or directly from


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