Favorite spots on the Internet

by William Wikner - 22/09/2016 - 10:46

One platform packed with valuable information that all relates to the digital world of today, published by professionals in the field. Sounds awesome, right? That’s what our new platform thecommunity.se is all about.

“It’s clear that we’ve only scratched the surface of how to use the tools available to us to connect hearts and minds”.

This quote is from Evan Williams, previously CEO of Twitter, who’s recent project is the nowadays well established publishing platform Medium. With Medium, Evan utilize ways and means provided by technology to help people make great things. He continues in the same post:

“At the heart of Medium is the idea that people create better things together”.

thecommunity.se is based upon the same approach. The website digitally extends our main objective, to get people and companies within our community to collaborate and share knowledge with each other while adjusting to a more digital comprehensive world.

And in fact, it seems like we look towards the massive internet cloud to educate ourselves and acknowledge new perspectives and information. During the most recent World’s Best Morning Challenges with Channels, the attendants got to share their favorite spots on the internet. Below is some of the channels that was shared, proof of that we like to learn stuff and use digital tools to do so!

We want thecommunity.se to be one of those places. We want to channel the competence of Media Evolutions members into one digital room, that is The Community.

Life Noggin
Kurzgesagt – In a nutshell

Social by default
Stuff you should know
Pengar och politik
This old marketing

User on board 
The Moz Blog


So, thank you our community for your tips! 

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