What is the relationship between technology and equality?

by William Wikner - 23/09/2016 - 13:57

A well discussed topic regarding how technology changes and will change our world is the one of equality. Does the more ubiquitous digital wind contribute to poverty or prosperity? Or oddly both? We often talk about this in terms of developed countries in the western world compared to poorer developing countries. But there’s more to it.

New technologies and digital ways to communicate affect other dimensions of equality, like gender and socioeconomics. Is it possible to participate in a western world society nowadays if being complete shut out from digital means of communication? Is it even possible to proceed out of poverty if not having access or know how to use digital communication technologies? Are women as digital fluent as men and is it important for a more gender equal industry in the future?

With the all comprehensive change that we’re now witnessing, these are some of the questions that these articles highlights. It’s get evident that we only can identify tendencies of today, and out of those, try to predict what the inevitable more technological future will look like in terms of equality. 

Technology and inequality, article by David Rotman for technologreview.com

Technology can empower children in developing countries - if it's done right, article by Annie Kelly for The Guardian

Technology as a basic need: the impact of the access gap in poverty, article by Meghan Murphy for 1776.cv

The digital world's other equality problem, article by Gillian Tett for The Financial Times

Access to digital technology accelerates global gender equality, article by Julie Sweet for Harvard Business Review

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