Let's evolve together, like we always have

by William Wikner - 04/10/2016 - 10:33

Have you ever asked yourself how it got to the point that we, the only remaining human species, got to rule the world? If so, you probably reached a conclusion somewhat of that we outsmarted all other living things. It’s pretty hard to argue against that arrival. But is the answer sufficient enough? This planet accommodates a vast number of lifeforms and we’re constantly fascinated by their innovative abilities and high capacity in order to solve various of problems. Smartness is thus a relative concept and different versions of it are required in different environments. So the sole factor of variations in smartness is inadequate. In order to really understand why, we must evaluate, and by doing so, we’ll arrive at a more detailed explanation: the ability to collaborate.

The special ability
We rule the world because we are able to cooperate in extremely flexible ways with people that we don’t necessarily know. Our changes in behavior is not merely a result of biological alternations, like with other animals. Instead, we’re able to acknowledge needs for new competences by observing and analyzing our surroundings and share with others new findings and understandings. That’s how we evolve and make progress. In fact, it’s precisely what make us unique and why we've eradicated deadly diseases, gone to space and why our ancestors got out on top while competing with other human species.

Photo from the premier of our new 
concept "Salong" 30/9

Media Evolutions whole existence is based upon this premise, the belief of that we achieve greater things if not isolated from one another. We are at the frontline of what’s been called the fourth industrial revolution that implies new business models, products and services. We constitute a foundation, a point of departure for upcoming business and southern Sweden’s epicenter to cherish our fundamental and most essential ability. And even if we’re not out fighting other genetic version of ourselves or throwing spears at Mammoths, the world of today pose other challenges that we must undertake to continue on our prosperous path. By optimizing the power of the same ability that brought us to this point in time, we’ve taken a first crucial step.

Collaboration in the new age
To consolidate our position even further, competence evolution has been launched. Competence evolution experiments with different methods to develop platforms for, and increase, collaboration within our community. Thecommunity.se constitutes the digital part of this effort which has been designed and provided as a space where our members collaborates by exchanging knowledge. By this, we utilize opportunities in a contemporary digital world in order to enhance our unique ability.

We do this because we strongly believe in the democratization of internet as a tool for an increase in beneficial collaborative efforts. The words of Evan Williams, previously CEO of Twitter, clearly manifests how a prominent entrepreneur think about this in a blogpost regarding his most recent project Medium.

“At the heart of Medium is the idea that people create better things together”

This mindset is imperative if the adaption to the new world imposed by the revolution, digitalization or what one decides to label it as, will make our world a better place. Within our context, better things, as Evan Williams puts it, entails methods, services and products that are efficient, suitable and take the possibilities of today into account. Evan Williams continues in the same post:

“It’s clear that we’ve only scratched the surface of how to use the tools available to us to connect hearts and minds”

Right place, right people
This is where The Community takes off. We truly believe that a website filled with insights and reflections by people immersed in digital related industries that possess great experience and competence will benefit our community. It’s not breaking news that digital technologies have the potential to connect billions of people and result in an unprecedented increase of information flow. We often talk about this expected outcome, but what does it really mean? If we are to make something meaningful out of it, we need to start focus on qualitative human centered beneficial aspects made possible by the quantitative technological ones.

Interactions during Salong 30/9. Thecommunity.se aims to bring the soul in this caption to a digital format

It’s hard to imagine a more appropriate environment other than Media Evolution to achieve this, we have the experience and ambition within the frames of our community. The consistent aspect among our members, regardless of business or appearance, is that they’ve taken the concept of collaboration to heart. Otherwise they wouldn’t be a part of us. Therefore, the concept of a digital platform like The Community has all the prerequisites to flourish and settle as a natural source to turn to while acquiring new knowledge regarding the growing ubiquity of digital matters.

Come on in 
So why not include the community as a component of your daily routine? Stop by a few minutes and we guarantee that you’ll learn something new. Maybe that elusive need for your business will present itself in an article or interview, or perhaps you’ll come across a piece of content that reveals something about yourself or your behavior. It may sound like a cliché, but The Community really doesn’t have any limits, they'll vanish if we capitalize on all these amazing possibilities that technology has provided for us and the establishment of The Community is our shot.

By reminding ourselves of collaboration as our special super ability and apply it to a digital format we align our core philosophy with technological opportunities. So read, write and learn!  

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