Topp introduces a new era of product development at MIT Media Lab

by Topp Arija Ax - 02/12/2016 - 10:09

Topp has been invited by instructor and researcher, David Rose to MIT to introduce Noodl.
Noodl is a platform for rapid development of connected experiences. It was created internally at Topp and emerged from the need of a fast, iterative and designer friendly way of exploring connected experiences,
Noodl gives inventors and developers the ability create polished connected experiences in hours. These experiences may include cloud components, mobile front ends and IoT devices.
Michael Cartner, Topp Engineer and Co-founder, will do a special deep dive on the technology and will share stories of how it's used in real world environments.‍
  • How Noodl aggregates three different domains - front end, cloud, and hardware and brings them together into one unified tool.
  • How Noodl improves the product development process (designers and engineers can work together, validate a design before deploying in production and all that).
  • Challenge the "old way” of developing, using text editors and code for everything, and talk about benefits of a more visual environment.
  • Challenges of developing IoT products and how Noodl enables going from idea to working prototype in less than 30 min. We will show how examples of how Noodl is being used with connected car, home automation, and industrial IOT.