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by Cross Motion - 25/04/2017 - 13:37


Media Evolution, together with the Malmö Museum Science Center, picked the Malmö company Cybercom and Stockholm-based Apegroup as the winners of the first EU project Cross Motion procurement. The companies will develop prototypes that will become part of the museum's forthcoming "A room for Games" initiative.

Sweden is a strong country in terms of the digital visual industry and the creative sector as a whole. In particular, southern Sweden is at the forefront of developing into a center in the gaming industry, this is something Media Evolution and Malmö Museer wanted to highlight and take advantage of when procuring for proof of concepts.

CyberCom and Apegroup will be awarded 150,000 sek each to develop their prototypes and as part of the price, the companies visited LivingLab in Tallinn to further develop their ideas during 21-22 of April. The LivingLab helps the participating companies to look at their pitched ideas and to dig deeper into their business benefits. The purpose was also to motivate creative cooperation with the other participants from Finland, Denmark, Germany and Estonia (included in the project are also Norway, Lithuania and Latvia).

"At Cybercom we think it's great fun to get involved in the engagement. We are a company driven by innovation and sustainability. We believe that technological innovation will be important in the role of creating a more sustainable society, "said Mahmoud Passikhani, Innovation Leader at Cybercom.


Adam & David 


David Vesterberg and Adam Krauser from Cybercom where at the lab in Tallinn;

We got to talk to a Creative Director with lots of experience of museums which was a perfect match since our project is about creating a new museum installation. We also met people with knowledge of the hardware we are using as well as people that could give advice on how to present our ideas. So we definitely got some valuable insights that will come to use.


Petter and Madeleine from Apegroup with Maria from Denmark 

Apegroup, a digital studio in Stockholm, were present at Tallinn where they expressed joy after seeing the other teams present their projects. They said it helped them get a better understanding of the goals of Cross Motion and the project in whole.

This project fits the bill of things we’re passionate about over at Apegroup. We strive to be in the forefront of design and technology, to think different and not to be tied to our desks, but instead test our ideas in the real world. It’s great to be given the opportunity to be part of Malmö Museums’ digital endeavours and we’re honoured to be picked as the jurors favourite in the competition.

After this trip we will begin development on the prototype. The first thing we’ll do is to decide on the scope together with Malmö Museum and Media Evolution. Our game will have to have a clear focus, and I think an educational theme will be just right” - Madeleine Kalin, Apegroup.

Divine Robot out of Malmö where a runner up of the procurement in Sweden and was awarded 50 000 sek for their third place.

Cross Motion is an EU Interreg project, which is a cooperation between the countries of the Baltic Sea Region to support the development of digital visual skills in health, education and tourism.


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