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by Fanny Ericsson - 04/10/2017 - 09:49

The spring went fast, and we already looking forward for the atumn and winter. Not particularly the weather but for the monthly themes, that frame the stuff we do during the year, together with our community. Now you can read about the upcoming themes part 2, the autumn. 

July: Relax and reload [non activite - but a lots of tips for our community]

August: The Voice; Content and distribution
This month we’ll explore the spearhead of the organizational structure: communication. Because if one were to be absolutely clear; it doesn’t matter how brilliant or beneficial a product or service is if the name of it doesn’t manage to efficiently make its way out there, and the ways to follow through with that has exploded along with the rise of social media platforms. But this development poses new challenges for how to approach matters regarding communication. So besides looking into different attributes of the abundance of various channels and technologies, now is the time to take it all one step further and contemplate how we ought to utilize what now lies before us in the best of ways. However, it’s not just about the content itself. If good content, whether it may be video, picture or text, is going to serve its purpose, it’s imperative that it’s working within the context of a good communication strategy. But let’s not forget, we’re still made up of flesh and blood, that hasn’t change. How we communicate and interact with people and our surroundings is such a fundamental aspect of humankind that it surpasses the importance of just challenges regarding new technology, it’s also a matter of human psychology and how we perceive and interpret what is being conveyed to us. The fact that we dedicate the whole of August to this area, as requested by our community, clearly illustrates the complexity and demand thereof for matters regarding communication and how to pierce through the clutter.

September: It ́s all about The Conference 2017
The name says it all. The month of September is solely about our precious child The Conference, which we love and cherish with all of our hearts. With an updated structure and new venue, we’re extremely excited and just as much certain that this year is going to be something absolutely special. So look out for events and other super exciting stuff that takes place at Media Evolution City and around Malmö during the month.

October: Crossing boundaries; Democracy 2.0
If one theme of the year were to encapsulate what Media Evolution is all about, it’s safe to say that it should’ve been that of October. At the core of our existence and philosophy is that the changes and opportunities advancements in technology implies is something that everything and anyone can gain from. But to reach those desired outcomes, it’s highly necessary to think outside the famous box. Our contribution is to constantly encourage and facilitate for our community to engage in new partnership across different businesses and sectors in order to come up with novel innovative business models, products and services. So how to approach this rather, for now, unconventional but simultaneously increasingly demanded way of business? Furthermore, this month will also be about, which in essence not strays far from the aforementioned, another important aspect besides business. Namely, the attributes of technology are something that inherits an immense power to turn our world into a more democratic and healthy place, but if not vigilant, potentially also lead to the opposite. Digital do-it-yourself media today provide citizens with unprecedented power to influence their surroundings, with the outcome that society eventually will reflect the will and opinions of the people more than historically been the case. So how can we integrate technology in the process of improving our society as a whole? A highly relevant question considering the state of our world.

November: Step inside technology; Mediums of tomorrow
Technologies that just about a decade ago should’ve been thought of as elements in a sci-fi novel, or something located in a remote future, is now seriously starting to make its way into our everyday lives. The huge AR (Augmented reality) success of Pokémon’ GO or the fact that the VR (Virtual reality) headset turned out to be the most popular Christmas gift of the year are two prominent examples of that development. However, there’s more to this besides connecting the entertainment industry with new technology. What these symptoms of an ongoing trend essentially tells us is that how we interact with technology is becoming more and more immersive, and that immersiveness is something that experts in the field believe is going to completely turn the tables regarding how we experience media in a near future. That kind of experience is something that we’ve seen other sectors like healthcare and fundraising starting to adopt more frequently in order to produce a richer experience with the opportunity to mentally visit another world. Because like the name of this theme reveals, a lot of the times it’s literally about stepping inside the medium and merge technology with the physical world instead of just watching something on a screen. So in this sense, the relationship between digital media developers and other sectors is getting more intense and something that we by all certainty is going to see more of in the future. Because of this, we will spend the whole month of November to learn more about the above mentioned mediums along with other new technologies and the versatility they possess with many areas of application.

December: Share & Care
It’s December, perhaps snowy, cold and along comes the holidays. In accordance to what Christmas is all about, we are putting in some extra effort and thought to sharing and caring about one another. A concept that may seem and ought to be given, but nonetheless something that we feel the need to highlight each year since that’s what our community really is all about! This month doesn’t come with many restrains or confinements, you’ll see that it will contain a little bit of everything that’ll keep the spirits up all the way to the Christmas table.

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Text: William Wikner

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