October: Crossing boundaries; Democracy 2.0

by Ulrika Hiertner - 04/10/2017 - 17:00

If one theme of the year were to encapsulate what Media Evolution is all about, it’s safe to say that it should’ve been that of October. At the core of our existence and philosophy is that the changes and opportunities advancements in technology implies is something that everything and anyone can gain from. But to reach those desired outcomes, it’s highly necessary to think outside the famous box. Our contribution is to constantly encourage and facilitate for our community to engage in new partnership across different businesses and sectors in order to come up with novel innovative business models, products and services. So how to approach this rather, for now, unconventional but simultaneously increasingly demanded way of business? Furthermore, this month will also be about, which in essence not strays far from the aforementioned, another important aspect besides business. Namely, the attributes of technology are something that inherits an immense power to turn our world into a more democratic and healthy place, but if not vigilant, potentially also lead to the opposite. Digital do-it-yourself media today provide citizens with unprecedented power to influence their surroundings, with the outcome that society eventually will reflect the will and opinions of the people more than historically been the case. So how can we integrate technology in the process of improving our society as a whole? A highly relevant question considering the state of our world.

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