November: Step inside technology; Mediums of tomorrow

by Ulrika Hiertner - 01/11/2017 - 15:51

Technologies that just about a decade ago should’ve been thought of as elements in a sci-fi novel, or something located in a remote future, is now seriously starting to make its way into our everyday lives. The huge AR (Augmented reality) success of Pokémon’ GO or the fact that the VR (Virtual reality) headset turned out to be the most popular Christmas gift of the year are two prominent examples of that development. However, there’s more to this besides connecting the entertainment industry with new technology. What these symptoms of an ongoing trend essentially tells us is that how we interact with technology is becoming more and more immersive, and that immersiveness is something that experts in the field believe is going to completely turn the tables regarding how we experience media in a near future. That kind of experience is something that we’ve seen other sectors like healthcare and fundraising starting to adopt more frequently in order to produce a richer experience with the opportunity to mentally visit another world. Because like the name of this theme reveals, a lot of the times it’s literally about stepping inside the medium and merge technology with the physical world instead of just watching something on a screen. So in this sense, the relationship between digital media developers and other sectors is getting more intense and something that we by all certainty is going to see more of in the future. Because of this, we will spend the whole month of November to learn more about the above mentioned mediums along with other new technologies and the versatility they possess with many areas of application.

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