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by Fanny Ericsson - 12/12/2017 - 11:11

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Soon another year has passed. What a great year we've had together! We look forward to spend 2018 together with you! Here's a sneak peak on our new monthly themes. We'll explain them all soon, stay ajour! 

January: Digital trends
The evolution of digital has only just begun. Say whaaat? Yes, it’s easy to forget but ”within" digital, there’s no such thing as a constant. Cool today, obsolete tomorrow – navigating the digital trends is about continuous learning, exploration and flexibility and it sure ain’t easy. To help you on the way we’ll spend all of January exploring the latest trends, tools and opportunities. 

February: Step inside the organization 
To grow as an organization is always complex. In the fast paced times of digital development, it doesn’t get less complex. To prepare for the challenges ahead, many organizations have taken the route of growing their organizations, sometimes through recruitment and sometime through merging with smaller digital expert organisations. Either way, when companies transform super quick, it’s easy to forget about the humans within. During February we’ll step inside the organization to explore how we can provide a sustainable future for the people, the employees. Organizational culture, equality, diversity - How can we turn our organizations into more democratic and healthy places for the humans to flourish in? To foster an innovative culture, diversity is key. Nothing will happen without a shift of perspectives. Diversity enhances creativity, and researchers also suggest that a diverse workforce performs better financially too. The health of humans and the survival of companies go hand in hand.

Mars: Smart cities? 
April: The experience of content 
May: Makers gonna make 
June: Everything is designed
July: Relax and reload
August: Play!
September: It’s all about The Conference
October: Culture chock! 
November: Future technology 
December: Sharing is caring

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