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by Marcus Pauler-Linghagen - 20/12/2017 - 16:50

A look into the future of Skåne’s labour market and smart ideas about work force recruitment were on the programme of The World’s Best Morning organized by Arbetsförmedlingen and Massive Entertainment on December 15, 2017.

Arbetsförmedlingen’s (the Swedish Public Employment Service) mission and objectives  are defined by the priorities and objectives formulated by the Swedish government. In short, they entail bridging the needs and resources of employers with those of job-seekers. Arbetsförmedlingen is also charged with providing additional support to the most disadvantaged job-seekers.

The challenge of meeting the competence requirements of employers entails special focus on ensuring labour market integration of migrants and reducing overall long-term unemployment. Achieving this demands broad and innovative collaboration with many different actors, including employers and municipalities. Arbetsförmedlingen is investing heavily in developing digital, on-line recruitment and job-search services, such as podcasts and webinars.

Skåne is enjoying a continued very strong labour market in 2018 and is one of the driving motors of economic development in Sweden. Josef Lannemyr, labour market analyst at Arbetsförmedlingen, presented the latest labour market forecast. The economy continues to grow at a strong pace, generating 8,800 new jobs this year. Qualified labour shortages, however, continue to be a worrying speed bump to further economic growth.

Even higher educated job-seekers are finding it difficult to find employment. The gaming industry has a continued very promising growth potential and Massive Entertainment continues to recruit qualified staff globally. Just this year they have employed 93 new persons, of which 63 come from outside Sweden and 46 from third country. A major challenge when recruiting from abroad is trying to find work for accompanying spouses. If the person’s family come to the conclusion that they can’t make the kind of life here that they want and instead move back home again, then the cost and effort of having recruited that person is wasted, as is the growth potential here in Sweden.

Jenny Berg Nilsson presented Massive Entertainment’s ambitious programme for supporting new recruits and their spouses in finding housing and in their contacts with various public agencies and services. Though one tries to find job opportunities for accompanying spouses in Massive Entertainment, they can’t hire everyone.

That is why they started the Connect Partners network. The network is a close collaboration with Arbetsförmedlingen and where the goal is to support accompanying spouses and find opportunities for them on the Swedish labour market.Carmelita Ayagen, who has experience herself after arriving with her husband from the USA 3.5 years ago, works with the network. She recounted how she found it difficult to find a job as most employers expected her to have a good command of the Swedish language, even though the actual work tasks didn’t require it. 

Arbetsförmedlingen has similar collaborative efforts with MAX IV and ESS in Lund. Arbetsförmedlingen’s recommendation to employers facing similar challenges is to take a new look at options to adapt work organization and adjusting expectations regarding competencies and the degree of demanded Swedish language proficiency.


Contact Arbetsförmedlingen or Massive Entertainment if you want more suggestions.


More information (in Swedish) can be found on Arbetsförmedlingen’s website.

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