Gender equality and diversity - Step inside the organization

by Aurora Percovich Gutierrez - 09/02/2018 - 10:55

February is just getting started and the theme of the month is "Step inside the organization". This is a theme that lies close to our hearts at Media Evolution. Ideally, it should be of interest to every other company and organization, too. In a rapidly changing and globalized world, companies need new perspective/ideas on how to prepare for the challenges ahead. Whether you are growing, aiming to stay relevant, introducing yourself to new markets, or if you just want to keep developing creative ideas – you need a diverse organization.

At Media Evolution we have set a lot of strategic goals to reach by 2020. One of them focuses on gender equality and diversity. We haven’t been the best at this, but we believe that diversity makes for smarter and more innovative companies. As it happens, diversity enhances and enables creativity. 

Malmö is a young city (48% of the people living here are under 35 years old*) and a city with 178 nationalities represented**. Families with children are also less likely to move away from here than from the other big cities. That makes the region's potential unique, and we need to be better at not excluding competent people. For us, it's crucial to make use of the region’s largely untapped competence resources.

Since we are strong believers in the motto "sharing is caring", we thought that we might as well share a few process-related tips that could easily could be used at your company as well:

1.    Learn and practice your why
If you want to change the way things are being done, it’s important for you to know why you want to change them. Why is it important for you, your company or workplace to work with diversity and equality? Many companies have policies stating that equality and diversity is important, but why is it important? Figure out what your arguments are as a company, practice them and let them permeate your whole organization so that all of you feel aboard on the process.

2.    Set goals
The second thing to do is to set goals. What do you want to achieve? Companies set goals for almost everything. Why not set goals for your work with diversity and equality, too? This part can be a little bit tricky, but there are different ways of setting goals. Try and evaluate what method would suit your specific needs.

3.    Look at the process
Working with equality and diversity is a process that never actually ends. As with all kinds of change, we must evaluate where we are at, set new goals and let the process go on. For example, at Media Evolution we initiated a 10 step program that starts all over again once we are done with the 10 steps. That is how we want to reach our goals.

How does your company work with these issues?

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