Diversify or die.

by Fanny Ericsson - 14/02/2018 - 15:25

Why all companies should approach the inside-out perspective


There is a number of components to weather the business survives and eventually becomes wildly successful. Trends, times and needs change, as well as the ways we do things –  we live in an amazing time where technology provides more tools for innovation, sales channels, and accounting. But above that, there are 2 certainties that remain to be the core of all – products and services. And, they are interdependent.


There’s still no substitute for in-person customer service, which means that neglecting human influence and resources in business can become a vital mistake. It’s not only the way employees engage with existing or potential customers, but also a strong working relationship and trust between staff that is very important. The mutual trust and close relationship are factors that promote a dynamic team.


Who consists of a dynamic team? Is the trust built among people with similar cultural background and people who act and think alike? The answer is that more companies have

appreciated the benefits that diverse workforce brings. The workforce grows more diverse, the organization adapts more quickly to changing circumstances and achieves greater efficiencies. 


Diversity has become an indicator of how successful an organization will be. There are many reasons to explain why it has become a rising concern. Firstly, waving to diverse talents is a comprehensive strategy for recruiting. This will promote company’s employment branding for its commitment to fair employment practices. The organization’s reputation further will contribute to outside of the organization -- the loyalty from its customers who choose to do business with organizations who conduct business activities with social responsibility. Secondly, the diverse and inclusive workplace will enhance employee engagement and reinforce organizational performance. Employees in an inclusive working place tend to feel comfortable being themselves in the office, therefore, their diverse potential talents will be exposed easily and contribute to a greater efficiency in the workplace. Thirdly, innovation is the core competency for an organization to drive change to adapt to a rapidly changing world. A diverse company is good at encouraging diverse thoughts. The free flow of different ideas will stimulate innovation and boost creative problem-solving.


The demand for diversity and inclusion in an organization is accelerating. In an inclusive company, people inside the company will determine the business outside. Diversify or die thus becomes an option that both the public sectors and private one to choose.


By: Xueyi Guo, MINE

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