Theme of the month March: Smart cites?

by Fanny Ericsson - 01/03/2018 - 13:45

March: Smart cities? 
Digital innovation and interconnectedness have been an integral part of modern day city planning for quite some time now. Most people tend to look at this as something indivisibly positive (and for good reason, too). But – as you brainiacs probably have noticed already – not everything with the way we use new technology is 100% peachy. This month we explore the complexity of the “smart city”, both as a concept and as a habitable zone. What are the consequences of putting so much faith in connecting everyone with everything all the time? Who actually benefits from society’s strive for solving practical problems with digital solutions? Do the pros of this newfangled “smartness” outweigh the cons? Yeah, you get the gist.

Activities during March:
March 1 – Challenges to possibilities

March 2 – Superfredag with Stora Varvsgatan 6 and MJ’s

March 9 – World’s Best Morning (available to host)

March 22 – Lunch with New Friends! 

March 23 – World’s Best Morning with Sweco

March 23 – Superfredag with Hyper Island! 

Contact Sofie if you would like to get involved!