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Thanks to our Lean Landing program, Aleksis Riihijärvi and his team at Boostified are now able to take on international markets

by Fanny Ericsson - 12/04/2018 - 09:50

What’s free to join, a great opportunity to expand to international markets and has the bonus perk of giving you a 50% refund on your travel expenses? You guessed it, pal, it’s the Lean Landing program.

The Lean Landing network consists of 19 partners, accelerators and incubators from across the North Sea Region. Favouring a hands-on approach, we arrange partner and customer meetings for you in your country of choice, so you can get fast feedback from potential customers or partners and perform a real-time test of the potential of your products and services in a new European market. That way, you avoid traditional market analysis and get quick, solid feedback to act on via practical encounters.

One of the most recent activations we’ve done has been to get some of our participants to go to Leeds.

Aleksis Riihijärvi and his team at Boostified are part of the group that is going there just in time for the Leeds Digital Festival. We exchanged a few words with him prior to their trip to see why, specifically, they’re going and what some of their expectations are.

Thanks to our Lean Landing program, Aleksis Riihijärvi and his team at Boostified are now able to take on international markets

Aleksis Riihijärvi, Boostified.

Hey Aleksis! Why did you want to be a part of the Lean Landing Program?
– Since our start 2017 we have grown exceptionally fast and are already covering the Nordics but for new markets like Holland, UK and Germany we felt that the expertise within the Lean Landing Program and the network could help us get there faster and provide us with broader knowledge regarding these new markets.

What will the Lean Landing program mean for Boostified?
– It gives us a chance to network with organizations in markets that we have not explored yet! We are looking forward to learn a lot more about new markets and give the other participants our view of the Swedish market! Besides the information exchange the program will speed up our European expansion.

What is your goal with all of the above?
– Our goal with the program is to establish us on the German and UK market in 2018. We are also looking forward to help organizations get to Sweden and provide them with knowledge on how Swedes us social media and to help them see the possibilities within digital marketing.

You’re going to Leeds in a little while. What are you looking forward to at the conference? – None of us have been to Leeds, so we look forward to visit a new town! Leeds Digital Hub are inviting us to meet their clients and we are really looking forward to that part. We started in a smilar hub in Malmö at MINC and then made the move to Media Evolution City, so to get the chance to see how the UK Hubs are built is exiting!

How do we get more organizations to consider exporting their services?
– Spread the word using social media and build success cases so that others see the possibilities with the Lean Landing Program. A big step to that is days like the one hosted at Media Evolution City on April 6, it gives organizations a change to meet others within the program and once organizations to explore new markets for their export.

If you want to know more about how to get involved in the Lean Landing program, check out the website or get in touch with Sara Ponnert.

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