Time for board nominations!

by Fanny Ericsson - 25/04/2018 - 18:37

Are you or one of your colleagues interested in being a part of Media Evolution’s board? Right now, we’re looking for board members that can represent Media Evolution’s business community.

As always, we’re looking to you to decide who should be part of the Media Evolution board. To be able to continue developing Media Evolution in the right direction, we encourage our members to seize the opportunity to nominate the people they recognize as board-worthy. We’d be very grateful if you could spare some time to help us out here.

According to our by-laws, we have two spots to fill. Thus, we’re all ears for suitable candidates.
Media Evolution’s mission is to promote growth and innovation in southern Sweden.

Therefor, we’re looking to have a broad span of competences in a variety of fields in our board. It’d be advisable if the nominees are working with either IT/development/digitization or film/motion picture/public service. Hopefully, your suggestion can include relevant people from both large and small companies.

In our nomination’s committee, you’ll find the following people:
Ida Åstrand (Gullers Grupp)
Petra Berggren (Telavox)
Henrik Beijer-Olsen (Stratiteq)

WHAT: Nomination of board members to the Media Evolution board.
HOW: Send an email to the nominations committee with your suggested candidate.
WHEN: May 1, at the latest. The actual nomination’s meeting will occur on May 18.