Monthly themes 2018!

by Fanny Ericsson - 22/10/2018 - 13:05

January: Digital trends
The evolution of digital has only just begun. Say whaaat? Yes, it’s easy to forget but ”within" digital, there’s no such thing as a constant. Cool today, obsolete tomorrow – navigating the digital trends is about continuous learning, exploration and flexibility and it sure ain’t easy. To help you on the way we’ll spend all of January exploring the latest trends, tools and opportunities. 

February: Step inside the organization 
To grow as an organization is always complex. In the fast paced times of digital development, it doesn’t get less complex. To prepare for the challenges ahead, many organizations have taken the route of growing their organizations, sometimes through recruitment and sometime through merging with smaller digital expert organisations. Either way, when companies transform super quick, it’s easy to forget about the humans within. During February we’ll step inside the organization to explore how we can provide a sustainable future for the people, the employees. Organizational culture, equality, diversity - How can we turn our organizations into more democratic and healthy places for the humans to flourish in? To foster an innovative culture, diversity is key. Nothing will happen without a shift of perspectives. Diversity enhances creativity, and researchers also suggest that a diverse workforce performs better financially too. The health of humans and the survival of companies go hand in hand.

March: Smart cities? 
Digital innovation and interconnectedness have been an integral part of modern day city planning for quite some time now. Most people tend to look at this as something indivisibly positive (and for good reason, too). But – as you brainiacs probably have noticed already – not everything with the way we use new technology is 100% peachy. This month we explore the complexity of the “smart city”, both as a concept and as a habitable zone. What are the consequences of putting so much faith in connecting everyone with everything all the time? Who actually benefits from society’s strive for solving practical problems with digital solutions? Do the pros of this newfangled “smartness” outweigh the cons? Yeah, you get the gist.

April: The experience of content 
Sometimes – more often than not, actually – we dive headfirst into something seemingly interesting, only to find ourselves in the middle of a heavy snoozefest minutes later. This applies to essentially everything. In videos, articles, presentations, events, you name it. Largely, this is because we’re not hardwired to absorb information just for the sake of absorbing (even though that would be ideal). As more and more people have grown accustomed to this notion, we’ve seen the rise of a whole new way of thinking about how we experience stuff. Nowadays, a majority of people in the media and communications industries are taking the “experience” part of their content much more seriously. This month we examine what in the world that can mean.

May: Makers gonna make 
The makers. They’re sort of like the Santa’s elves of the digital age, aren’t they? Going about their business creating stuff without necessarily getting much recognition for it. During the month of May we aim to change things up a bit. By shining a light on the doers, builders, engineers, programmers and developers – as opposed to the CEOs and slick sales reps – we want to offer new perspectives on how to actualize ideas. It’s, as it were, more about the making of the product/service at hand rather than the effects, functions and implications that its glossed-up, 100% finished version might have.

June: Everything is designed
From the way our cities are built to the code that enables you to scour through this paragraph on your electronic device – it’s all designed by someone, at some point, for some reason or another. It’s no secret that we cherish this fact at Media Evolution. Thus, we will happily spend the month of June talking about things like user experience, creative choices, underlying structures and design ethics. We do it partly to heighten the awareness about what role the designer can play (both in the short-term and in the grander scheme of things), but first and foremost we do it because we believe that it says a damned lot about human behaviour. Hopefully, we’re not the only ones that are of this belief.

July: Relax and reload
During this month it’s vacation time! We’ll send you all the best tips what to do during the summer. 

August: Play!
In a way, the concept of “playing” has always been a big deal to us humans. Even in the early days there were riddles and dice and senet and shax and backgammon and whathaveyou. For some reason, it seems, we have this innate need of wanting to entertain ourselves. Maybe it’s a form of respite, a way to remain sane, something that offers additional value to the daily grind. Ah, who knows, really? What we do know, however, is that we’re going to shine beams of playful light on subjects related to the topic of “play” in August. It might be stuff like gamification, apps, films, infotainment and ludology, or something completely different. Again, we’re supposed to be playful here, remember?

September: Exploring complexity in a digital world
Golly gosh, already September, is it? Among other things, this means that it’s finally time for The Conference, the internationally acclaimed conference we host at Malmö Opera each year. During The Conference – and for the rest of the month, too – we will go to town on stuff like technology, human behaviour and “how to make things happen” in order to try to decipher what it all really means. Sounds like a mouthful? Well, maybe it needs to be that way sometimes. Just because it’s a new era doesn’t mean there aren’t matters to problematize, tendencies to be weary of or positive things to consider when all else seems to point to the exact opposite. Bring that brain of yours and let’s roll, baby.

October: Culture & content! 
More and more we see the corporate world looking to the creative and cultural sphere for inspiration. It’s basically a matter of thinking outside the box and finding new perspectives. In many cases, people in the creative fields do offer a completely different outlook on things that someone with a corporate mindset might otherwise take for granted (or, worst case scenario, even overlook). To be able to find a balance between business and culture has lately become a key factor when attempting to come up with the ideas of tomorrow. In October, we will do everything in our might to try to connect the necessary dots between culture, content and digitization.

November: Future technology 
Regardless of what line of work you’re in, future technology is almost always going to be relevant for you to keep an eye on. Sometimes it’s nonsensical futurebabble, ideas or concepts that are too far-fetched to even be considered worth your while. Sometimes it’s pushing boundaries. Sometimes it’s really, really convenient. Sometimes it just… is, you know? In November, we’re going to shine a light on what lies ahead tech-wise. What problems are we looking to solve? What values would we like to convey? And what does it mean to be human amidst all these technological advancements?

December: Sharing is caring
To thematically round up the year, we are dedicating the month of December to two concepts that are really close to heart here in Media Evolution’s community: sharing and caring. It’s essentially what we do all year round – in one form or another – but this month will contain even more of this. With a year filled with new challenges and insights, it can be quite nice to rewind, sum up and try to find common ground in what has been. To learn from each other. To appreciate the differences. To care about the things that are actually worth caring about. If someone were to call this “Christmas spirit”, we wouldn’t necessarily disagree.

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