Foreseeing the Work Force

by Somers Fry - 19/12/2018 - 11:10


First of all, many thanks to those who made the effort to come to Media Evolution City last Friday morning to hear Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Public Employment Service) and Försvarsmakten (Swedish Armed Forces). Media Evolutions excellent service always makes it a pleasure to be there.


Secondly, we hope you heard or thought of something that made you stop and think, and maybe even talk to others about it afterwards. What might that be? Maybe something of the following:


  • Unemployment is dropping - (More and more people have jobs).
  • Both private and public employers are hiring – (There are a lot more jobs to be had).
  • Seldomly have employers had such difficulty finding persons with the skills they need as they do now – (It’s easier than ever to find a job).
  • Acquiring the skills that employers seek is a VERY BIG KEY to getting a job – (No training and education – no jobs).
  • Nowhere else in the world is it easier or cheaper for an individual to get high quality education and training than it is here – (The grass is greener in Sweden than almost anywhere else when it comes to training and education opportunities).
  • Swedish language skills, and social skills, are important skills which increase one’s opportunities to find work, irrespective of educational background.
  • To read in more detail about Arbetsförmedlingens latest prognosis (in Swedish), please visit our website (klick here).
  • The Swedish Armed Forces is hiring and needs you, no matter your gender, sexual orientation, or if you have previously studied or worked -  (If you have a good heart, don’t have a criminal record, and have your own supply of elbow grease, then the Swedish Armed Forces offers you unparalleled training and job opportunities).
  • It all starts with you – with a little help from your friends, contacts, Arbetsförmedlingen and maybe even the Swedish Armed Forces