Themes of 2019

by Fanny Ericsson - 08/01/2019 - 11:21

Just like every other year, we've analyzed the feedback from the community survey and created monthly themes for 2019. Have a look below and see if something seems like a good fit for your organization. We're all ears if you want to collaborate or host an event! Simply write a few lines to Sofie and she'll take it from there :)

January: Future Trends 2019 
January 18, World’s Best Morning with KAN, Register here! 
January 25, World’s Best Morning with Montesseriskola, Register here! 
January 25, Superfredag with Mannaz, Register here! 

February: AI & Tech
February 1, World’s Best Morning with 24HR
February 8, World’s Best Morning with Edument
February 8, Superfredag: Available to host

March: Strategy & Design
March 8, World’s Best Morning: Available to host
March 22, World’s Best Morning: Available to host
March 22, Superfredag: Available to host

April: Inside the Organization
April 5, World’s Best Morning: Available to host
April 12, World’s Best Morning with Mannaz
April 25, Superfredag: Available to host

May: Future Cities
May 10, World’s Best Morning with Swedbank
May 24, World’s Best Morning with ÅF Samhällsbyggnad, ÅF Sound & Vibration och InUse
May 24, Superfredag: Available to host

June: Everything is content
June 11, World’s Best Morning: Available to host (Tuesday)


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